Friday, 6 March 2009

Mandy and the perils of daytime drinking

Peter Mandelson allegedly expressed determination this morning to go on a "Leo Sayer" today, telling senior staff that he was "gonna get twatted" on "[Bacardi] Breezers and Stella".
But after four hours heavy and solitary drinking, it had, by lunchtime, sadly and allegedly got too much for the Secretary of State, who threw up his midmorning bar snack of guacamole in Victoria Street in front of startled tourists.

Rumour has it that tragic Peter will feature in 'Booze Britain', a sensationalist look at binge drinking, on Sky later this year.

(Well done Plane Stupid, whose image this is.)


dNo said...

Dearest Jonny,
Please apologise immediately for the use of "Leo Sayer" as slang for "all dayer".
That site also lists Ken and Barbie as slang for Starbucks - or as it calls it "Starbies".
I'm off to take the Apples and Pearway to Heaven...

Jonny Mac said...

I certainly will not. It has a fine heritage.