Friday, 20 March 2009

It's Friday...

...and so thoughts naturally turn to the great issues of the day, chief among which is: what are the greatest TV opening credits of all time?

My vote, after long and considered thought, goes to the Sopranos. Everything is fantastic, and taken together, it all fits the series absolutely perfectly. Great camerawork; superb editing and lighting; and great, great music ('Woke up this morning' by Alabama 3). A little mini narrative is created that tells you a huge amount about the main character in a small amount of time (and with no dialogue).

Even, to get sad(der) for a minute, the font is just right.

Surely none better?


JG said...


Now then, where's your coverage of the Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston split?

dNo said...
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dNo said...

The Brady Bunch
Sorry, Jonny, kicks the Soprano's ass.
"Here is the story of a lovely lady..."
And talk about perfect font!!!

Bessie said...

I agree that The Sopranos has a fantastic beginning.

I also have a soft spot for all the early Gerry Anderson programme openings, especially UFO and Stingray ("Anything can happen in the next half hour...")

This probably makes me a very sad person indeed. And old.