Sunday, 8 March 2009

Cocktail hour

Hans, JMP's resident mixologist, has for once had a quiet weekend, spending it glued to a box set of The Jewel In The Crown, and making liberal use of the freeze-frame facility during Charles Dance's scenes. He s now entertaining fantasies of becoming a missionary in the subcontinent, despite leaving his family's Catholicism behind a long time ago (except during his unforgettable Like A Virgin phase); he claims with a twinkle that a change of career would be good, as it's 'always good to try a new position'. He's convinced it would be like an extended holiday in Goa, but with fabulously camp outfits to wear to work.

So it is perhaps inevitable that his cocktail of choice this week, as we reach I in his great A to Z Challenge is the Indian Summer. The IS is a cocktail that demands the use of a cocktail shaker, which adds a certain element of drama to its preparation that appeals hugely to Hans. Put 1 measure of vodka, one of kahlua, and two of pineapple juice into the shaker, with some ice. Shake in the traditional manner, and strain it into a tumbler. A perfect accompaniment to Peggy Ashcroft, Art Malik, and of course Mr Dance.

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