Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Left kicks Tibetans in the teeth, Part 94

Andy Newman over at Socialist Unity is at it now, attacking the Dalai Lama and claiming that independence would not be in the best interests of Tibetans. Because Andy would know, you see. "There is no automatic linkage between the desire to express national and cultural identity and the desire for a separate state", he tells us. Ah. Stupid old Tibetans, they should be aware of that lack of an automatic linkage.

What, human rights? Democracy? Self-determination? No, what's more important for large parts of the Left at the moment is that we keep our "hands off China". Heaven forfend that we pick on them for, well, oppressing an entire people, trying to destroy a culture, torturing dissidents...


Renegade Eye said...

Tibet has the second highest wages in all of China. The good jobs go to Chinese over Tibetans. That has much to do with the Tibet question.

What would national liberation, in a world capitalist economy, where spoils are already divided. It is not 1700, where we are deciding between a nation state and feudalism. No national liberation unless capitalism is overthrown.

At my blog you can look up the post on Tibet. It was thorough.

Nothing more backward than Maoists on this subject.

I like your blog. I stumbled on it accidently.

Jonny Mac said...

Cheers RE, will check it out