Friday, 21 November 2008

Sarkozy and Palin, we salute you.

Forgive the YouTube overdose, but it is Friday, and both are so good I can't resist. The first is a mere 14 seconds, and is of Nicolas Sarkozy being introduced to the model Bar Raefeli at a function. Just watch those wandering eyes:

The second is of, I hesitate to admit, Sarah Palin. She is being interviewed on the occasion of her 'officially pardoning' a turkey in some Thanksgiving thing, while in the background a farmworker is...slaughtering turkeys. The captions on the MSNBC report are fantastic. My favourite is 'BREAKING NEWS Governor Palin apparently oblivious to turkey carnage over her shoulder'...

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movie buff said...

from a PR standpoint, one might give Palin the benefit of the doubt... but seriously, she might consider her surroundings a bit more before she goes on interviews that millions will end up watching