Friday, 14 November 2008

The Creation Museum

The Dragon Theater features a short video on dinosaurs that absurdly argues they were in the Bible and were around until at least Medieval times where they were called dragons...

Great article here by Daniel Phelps, the President of the Kentucky Paleontological Society, describing a walk around the Creation 'Museum' in Kentucky, the brainchild of one Rev. Ham and his Answers In Genesis 'ministry'. The 'museum' opened in 2007, Ham having raised $27m to build it, including support from US Congressman GeoFf Davis. It's a fascinating glimpse into how creationists present their bizarre, anti-science and anti-Enlightenment worldview.

There's much to savour. I particularly enjoyed the label to an exhibit that tells us that all creatures were original vegeterian:

Design and the Curse –
Some animals seem to be specially designed to eat other animals (carnivory). We do not know exactly how meat-eating started, nor how long it took to begin, but we do know two things:

All animals were plant eaters before Adam's sin. God said, "To every beast of the earth I have given every green herb for food" (Genesis 1:30).

Another bit of signage deals with what appears to be something that worries creationists: that Adam must have had to spend a large part of his time naming the various creatures in the Garden of Eden:

Adam named only "birds", "cattle", and "beasts of the field" – probably the only animals closely associated with man and "not beasts of the earth" or "creeping things". If the created kinds correspond to modern families, as many creation biologists believe, then Adam named fewer than two hundred animals. Naming all these animals would require only a few hours, at most.


This excerpt from an AIG 'Statement of faith' quoted by Phelps encapsulates how how expressly antithetical creationism to science and to rationalism:

By definition, no apparent, perceived or claimed evidence in any field, including history and chronology can be valid if it contradicts the Scriptural record.

That could stand as a declaration of war on the Enlightenment. Still, on a lighter note - isn't Eve foxy!

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