Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mumbai terror attacks

Tremendous web coverage.

Good photosets on flickr; very full wikipedia entry (already!); and is this when twitter really takes off? Jihadwatch puts it in a global context.

Drudge, on the other hand, is still unforgiveably leading with the so-called plot to bomb Penn station. Another sign that he's losing his grip?

Finally, anyone who needs the FCO to tell him to 'avoid Mumbai at the moment' is in need of professional help.

Update: Drudge has finally got this as his lead story now (5.30pm GMT). And a quick Google blog search reveals that at least someone is asking the relevant questions over at "Theresa's Biotech/Biomedical Blog":

"Will Mumbai Terror Attacks Hurt Biotech Businesses?"

Well, quite.

Somewhere cached on the internet there will be a blogpost discussing the potential knock-on effects for the swimming pool maintenance industry of 9/11.


Captain Haddock said...

Mumbai or Bombay? The Times goes with Bombay; Guardian, Indie and JMP with Mombai unsurprisingly. Any guesses for The Telegraph??

Is one unforgiveably patronising/unPC if one uses Bombay?

Am I becoming like my father?

These are the questions that haunt me late at night.

Jonny Mac said...

Mysteries all, Captain. The only thing that's certain in this area is that it's Burma and not Myanmar. Oh, and it does annoy me when people of a certain age say Keeenya rather than Kenya...

dNo said...

Have just returned from a week in Abyssinia, where it is apparently 2004. Never got the hang of that... Am I alone in suffering from Terrorist Fatigue? Can someone please explain how they (the meja not the terriorists) continue to get away with phrases like "800 people are injured, one briton is believed to be amongst them."
I feel a rant on my blog coming on...