Friday, 14 November 2008

Obama and the Jews

(table h/t daily Kos)
During the election the Republicans and their allies in the media tried, as they so often do, to present the Democractic candidate as weak on Israel; even as Israel's enemy (pace Joe The Plumber). The irony is that the Republican rhetoric is always the more fiercely pro-Israel while American Jews traditionally vote Democrat.
So in the face of the latest onslaught, how did the Democratic Jewish vote stand up in historical terms? The answer, as you can see, is incredibly well, and Obama did better on this front than John Kerry four years ago. Worth remembering when the rhetoric both of hysterical rightwingers in the US and Israel, and anti-Semitic left groups in the UK such as the SWP, gives the impression that American Jews are in the pockets of the Right.

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dNo said...

He went to visit his grandmother 2 weeks before the election - how could that not secure the Jewish vote? When did John McCain last see his grandmother...